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Sanctuary of the goddess Bastet

Sanctuary of the goddess Bastet
Type: Sanctuary

The site "Sanctuary of the goddess Bastet" is located in Gradishteto locality (the highest peak in the Bulgarian part of Strandja mountain), west of the town of Malko Tarnovo. The origin of this site is quite controversial among the specialists and many of the archaeologists suggest actually it has nothing related to the Egyptian goddess Bastet (also known as Bast or Basthet - the daughter and wife of the sun god Ra and depicted as a woman with a cat head) but is a ritual site of the ancient Thracians (not far away, in Mishkova niva locality, was discovered a Thracian complex dating from the V century BC).

The idea that the sanctuary is related to the goddess Bastet belongs to Krastyo Mutafchiev - one of the members of the expedition which in 1981 began excavations in the region. The reason for the studies in the foot of Gradiste is the appearance of an old map, containing still unresolved signs, geometrical figures and characters. From the map is very intrigued also the prophetess Baba Vanga, who shared unique scientific facts about the solar sanctuary. She said that the area of Gradishteto in Strandja mountain is sacred. According to her, there lies a tomb of an Egyptian goddess, "which holds the scepter of extraterrestrial matter in his hands".

Mutafchiev said that after the death of Bastet, her body was transported to these lands by sea (his proof can be read in his book "Homo sapiens origin of Homo sapiens").

Unfortunately, today the unique sanctuary is destroyed and looted. There are clearly identified only two solar circle of unknown origin, which forming a triangle.

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